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Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage

Where is the orphanage located?
We support four orphanages across Pakistan: The Orphanage in Muree, The khanewal Orphanage, The orphanage in Islamabad and The Karachi Orphanage. For inquiries you can go to contact us page or Plot 5-C Street 9 Badar commercial area phase 5 ext D.H.A, Karachi. Pakistan

What are the major causes of the growth of orphans?
Major causes include poverty, natural disasters, disease, war, and famine

When was Sirat-ul-Jannah founded?
Sirat-ul-Jannah was founded in 1992 by a UK born British turned Muslim lady. Ghufran Qureshi and her religiously dedicated and committed husband Muhammad Ahmed Qureshi. As a response to the needs of orphans, God called her to play an active role in developing orphanages that provide high quality care to orphaned and abandoned children.

What are the goals of Sirat-ul-Jannah?
The overriding goal of Sirat-ul-Jannah is to assist the destitute children, whose parents have been victims of death. Sirat-ul-Jannah focuses on providing these orphans with basic requirements such as: food, medical, shelter, clothing and an education. The future vision of Sirat-ul-Jannah is to expand the home facilities to cater for the increasing number of orphans and impoverished children.

How does Sirat-ul-Jannah raise support?
Support for our projects is predominantly from voluntary donations. We rely on the support and goodwill of friends and families, Orphanage visitors and volunteers. Their contributions allow us to pay for staff salaries, surgeries, educational costs, equipment, trips out, and the many day-to-day expenses of caring for a large amount of children.

We have no corporate sponsors in the background making it all happen. In short, we are dependent on you.

What can I do to help?
The greatest thing that you can do is make a regular donation – no matter how small – to our charity. This will help to maintain our current work, and allow us to plan ahead. We cannot move on to other, much-needed, projects until we have ensured that there will be enough money each month to sustain the progress already made. A couple of supporters have opted to pay for a staff member’s salary for one year, which is invaluable to us. If you wish to do this, we can put you in touch with the staff member and you may like to enter into correspondence with them. Donors doing this have found it a rewarding experience which reassures them of the direct help that their donation is making.

What is a child sponsorship?
The Sirat-ul-Jannah child sponsorship program is very unique. Through this sponsorship program, the children will receive needed assistance in the way of meals, medical, clothing or school supplies. The child you sponsor through Sirat-ul-Jannah orphanage is a child who is in our full time legal custody, who lost his family through a combination of death, abandonment and abuse. Your sponsorship helps us provide the house that your child is living in, the house parents and other staff who care for your child, three good varied, well- balanced meals every day, clothing, a good education, vocational training medical and dental care, birthday parties, recreational opportunities and everything else your child needs to live a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
The cost to support one child is $ 792 United States Dollar (USD) or € 612 Euro (EUR) or 78000 Pakistani Rupee (PKR) per year. Currency Converter

payments can be made in the following ways.

Per Month               Quarterly               Half Year               Per Anum






How are children selected for the sponsorship program?
Our field staff will identify homeless children during outreaches and evangelism work in the community, build relationship with the children, and investigate their background. In other cases, a relative, a teacher, or a friend who knows of a child’s situation will come to us seeking assistance on behalf of the child. Regardless of the manner in which we first learn of a child’ situation, a thorough investigation of the child’s background is conducted to ensure that the child satisfies the criteria of admission.

Can I write to my child?
Yes, you are most welcome to write and the child will reply back shortly.

How often will my child write to me?
There is no minimum or maximum limit, your child can write you any time he/she wants to. As you receive correspondence from your child over time, you will hear how your child is doing, observe his/her progress and become aware of his/her particular needs or concerns. You may want to save your child’s letters so you can look back on them some day and observe your child’s development over time.

Can I send pictures to my child?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to send pictures of your family. You may also send other flat items, such as drawings or cards.

Can I send packages or gifts to my child?
Birthday presents are already included in the cost of sponsorship, along with all of the other needs of your child. But if you are keen on sending you may do so.

When will I receive updated pictures or information concerning my child?
Each year we will send you a new picture of your sponsored child and an update describing how your child is doing.

Can I visit my child?
Yes….. And if you are visiting from out side Pakistan, we can offer pick up service if arranged in advance.

Will you arrange my travel and accommodation?
No, we are a very small team and our time and resources are limited. Good, reasonably priced hotels are plentiful in Karachi, Pakistan

Does Sirat-ul-Jannah help with adoptions?
Yes. Adoption